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Image by TienDat Nguyen
Why use a Mediator?

There is very little to lose by trying mediation. Most court protocols encourage parties to use a mediation service when a legal case is commenced but it can also be used regardless of whether there is a legal case or not. Mediation allows parties to resolve conflict on their own terms, with an element of control over the terms of agreement which is not always the case in civil proceedings and may see a decision made for them. Mediation can be a quick process and can often take place within one day. 


A Mediator is equipped to allow parties to narrow issues, to focus on the important factors and to encourage parties to conciliate. Mediation is completely confidential and without prejudice.

A safe space

Miers Mediations can offer mediations both online or in person. We can provide a comfortable venue with plenty of space to allow the parties to be separate or come together. On site we have a café, kitchen, communal seating area and comfortable board rooms. We also offer free parking. Our meetings will take place in a secure confidential quiet space. We also recognise that some individuals would prefer to engage in mediation online from a platform such as Zoom which can be just as effective.

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