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Brick Building

We offer a bespoke service for housing disputes which is available for solicitors and individuals. As a housing solicitor, Stephanie Miers has represented both landlord and tenants embroiled in conflict ranging from housing disrepair, anti social behaviour to tenancy deposit disputes. If you are embroiled in a disagreement with a tenant, neighbour, landlord, contractor or any other housing related issue and you’re in need of someone to help you facilitate an outcome, please get in touch. Mediation can take place before or during litigation. Courts will often view parties favourably if there has been at least one attempt to mediate during a housing case.

Housing Disrepair Disputes

It is common for landlords and tenants to fall out over allegations of disrepair. Mediation can be an effective way of resolving complaints such as damp, condensation, leaks, infestations, poor ventilation, boiler issues, no running or hot water or heating. We can help facilitate agreements between landlord and tenants without the need for the parties to go through a stressful and costly court process. We also offer services for solicitors and their clients who are already engaged in a legal housing disrepair dispute.

Neighbour Disputes

We can provide help to neighbours with disagreements about noise levels, property boundaries, and shared amenities like driveways and gardens. We have a team of mediators who specialise in this area and can facilitate communication and negotiation between neighbours in conflict.  Mediation can lead to a variety of positive outcomes for all involved.

Contractor / Home Owner Disputes

We are experienced in assisting contractors and home owners when there has been a fall out during a build or project. If you are embroiled in a dispute which is causing you stress and difficulties, mediation can be an effective way of communicating in order to reach a solution. We offer a wide range of options that can help facilitate agreements between two or more parties.

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