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Probate, Will & Trust Disputes

We offer a bespoke mediation service for trustees, beneficiaries, dependents and family members facing conflict in a probate, will or trust dispute. We offer fixed fee and flexible payment terms for individuals or solicitors and their clients wishing to engage in mediation. We can provide guidance as to the length of mediation required based on the number of parties involved and the value of the dispute. We also give flexibility surrounding the type of mediation service  depending if the parties are willing to meet or not. 


The benefits for parties embroiled in a probate, will or trust dispute

  • Alleviates the stress and responsibilities of trustees and beneficiaries

  • Allows parties have their say without the stress and exposure that could come with a court case

  • Creates an opportunity for an independent third party to facilitate an agreement when there is little or no progression between the parties

  • Completely confidential and without prejudice

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