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Why mediation?

Miers Mediation was born from the inspiration to create a mediation service to give our clients the opportunity to resolve conflict cost effectively, efficiently and more easily that they would have been able to had they taken alternative legal action. We believe civil and commercial disputes require a unique set of requirements and techniques from a mediator in order to reach a resolution.

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Mediaton Services
What type of mediation services do we offer?

Housing Disputes

We offer mediation help for a range of housing issues such as fallouts between landlord and tenants, disrepair, rows with neighbours and contractor/owner disputes. We are experienced at dealing with a wide range of housing issues. We believe mediation is an effective way of dealing with stressful problems over a property and can be more easily solved with the help of an independent party without court action.

Probate, Will and Trust Disputes

Mediation can alleviate the stress and responsibilities of trustees and family members, as an example parties have the opportunity to have their say without the stress and exposure that could come with a court case. There is very little to lose by family members and dependents engaging in a mediation process even if it means an agreement is reached on part of the dispute. Mediation can take place regardless of whether solicitors are involved. Mediation can greatly assist solicitors with clients engaged in probate, will and trust disputes as the process enables an independent third party to push cases forward which may otherwise have been at an impasse. The mediation service is completely confidential.

Contractual Disputes

We can help individuals who are caught up in a row over money with another party, such as a debt owed or dispute over a service provided. Issuing a small claim for compensation can still be a confusing and costly process which a lot of uncertainty. Mediation allows for an opportunity for disputes to be resolved quickly and cost effectively. The law is changing so that all small claims will soon be subject to compulsory mediation. Why not try it before taking court action?

“In my experience, I have found Stephanie to be empathic with her clients, assertive in driving settlements and outcome focused.”

Will Angood, Director of Housing Disrepair Helpline

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